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How to use Git effectively

1 minute read

This is a high level overview on the branching model by Vincent Driessen which has been called GitFlow.

Code Reviews

3 minute read

A basic guide for reviewing code and having your code reviewed. This is a living document, expect it to change and evolve overtime, check back for updates.

Algorithm Detection in Assembly

1 minute read

During my senior year at Purdue University I had the opportunity to work on a research project in which we as a team had to detect algorithms in assembly usi...

Learning Racetrack

14 minute read

Engineering Projects In Community Service or better known as EPICS was created to provide innovative solutions for nonprofit organizations by university stud...

TCP Keepalive

1 minute read

This is a research project I had the opportunity to work on for sometime. This project involved analyzing the TCP Keepalive (Request for Comments Here) and h...