Work Experience

Harris Corporation - Software Engineer

July 2013 - Present

From July 2018 - Present

Small team leader and scrum master for a system that would analyze radio frequency (RF) data. Collection of data was performed on a purpose-built embedded system; classification of data was performed in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud based system. Primary responsibilities included creating large portions of the cloud architecture for classifying data. Implemented automation within the cloud infrastructure to facilitate DevOps. Pioneered Continuous Integration (CI) within our project.

Skills Developed:

Python, Ansible, JavaScript, Node, React, AWS, Git, Groovy, Agile Scrum, MagicDraw

September 2016 - July 2018

Responsible for several enhancements to the WxConnect Project to increase functionality in the processing of weather products. Overhauled automated deployment system to decrease deployment times and allow the customer to perform upgrades within their timeline. Performed root cause analysis to determine the origination of corrupted weather products.

Skills Developed:

Python, Ansible, Git

From April 2016 - September 2016

Pioneered a process improvement initiative for the GOES-R program to support additional processing without modifying the current infrastructure. The initiative involved analyzing the memory and CPU footprint of the Oracle Coherence data grid and implement a data segmentation method that would reduce its usage.

Skills Developed:

Java, Clearcase, Oracle Coherence

From January 2014 - April 2016

Designed and developed solutions for direct receive systems for environmental satellites on the WxConnect Project. Implemented the management and monitoring components. Developed RESTful interfaces which enterprise monitoring solutions could use to query state of the system. Pioneered Initial implementation of data recovery from GOES satellites to netCDF files. Implemented data recovery from Himawari satellites.

Skills Developed:

Python, C, RabbitMQ, netCDF, Flask, Git

From July 2013 - December 2013

Developed a prototype of an integration of Harris’ Advanced Radar Processing system with Harris’ Service Architecture.

Skills Developed:


Professor Charles Killian - Research Assistant

September 2012 - December 2012

Test the implementations of TCP keepalive through distributed systems and node failures to create fault tolerant code. Compare the implementation between different operating systems & analyze the results

Skills Developed:

TCP/IP, Distributed systems, OS programming, Network testing, Software testing, C

Boston Scientific - Intern/Project Manager/Developer/Business Analyst

May 2012 - August 2012

Developed a process and created tools required to migrate clinical studies between several Electronic Data Capture Systems. Coordinated with vendors to develop solutions for migrating data through EDC systems. Created a presentation for the Chief Information Officer outlining the solution

Skills Developed:

Work instructions, Design documentation, Code reviews, Presentation proficiency, Cost savings analysis, Perl

Beads Enterprises LLC (USA) - Assistant

May 2011 - August 2011

Assisted in the opening of a new Pandora store includes hiring, advertisements, and inventory control. Aided in creating and streamline operational processes (i.e. scheduling, depositing, customer experience, etc.)

Skills Developed:

Leadership, Organization, Recruiting, Training, Attentive

Purdue University department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences - ITA

Spring 2010 - Spring 2012

Resolved computer issues for faculty and staff. Managed a windows domain that included 100 workstations

Skills Developed:

Ticket systems, Windows administration, Network administration, Software maintenance, Team coordination, Customer relations


Purdue University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, May 2013

Palmer Trinity School

High School Degree, May 2009



Fluent in Spanish


Ansible, Groovy, Node, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, Perl, Python, Bash, Assembly

Operating Systems

Windows OS, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux


Automation, DevOps, Cloud, Embedded Systems, Networking, Security

Relevant Courses

Data structures and algorithms, Computer architecture, Systems programming, Analysis of algorithms, Operating systems, Compilers, Computer networks, Cryptography, Information systems, Computer security, Relational database systems, Programmatic reverse engineering of binary code

Awards & Honors

Harris Engineering Award for Technology Innovation 2018

The Harris Engineering Awards are awarded to only a handful of Harris’ 15,000+ engineers every year, recognizing significant achievements in engineering

Rahul served as the software development engineer on the Weather Connect (WxConnect) product line where he was responsible for a number of enhancements to the software baseline to increase functionality available to the variety of customers receiving GOES-R data through this product. He was integral to identifying and solving issues for the National Weather Service units that experienced interruption to the building of the weather product images. His program engagement, attention to quality, and technical acumen enabled the team to compare data among sites to eliminate non-contributors to the root cause, ultimately resulting in a successful root cause analysis that received direct visibility by the customer.

Topics Covered:

Root Cause Analysis, Customer Engagment

Presentation to National Security Agency

Developed a plugin for IDA Pro that could detect algorithms within binaries to aid in the analysis of executable files

Topics Covered:

Python, IDA Pro, Algorithm detection, x86 Assembly, Reverse engineering, Disassembly, GCC compiler, Visual Studio compiler

Google ACM Coding Competition

Placed second by creating an application called Arroz, to manage food for college students

Topics Covered:

Version control, Project management, Google API, Java docs, Object oriented programming

Development with the Raspberry Pi

Developed a home automation system and media center using a Raspberry Pi

Topics Covered:

Embedded systems, ARM architecture, Home automation, Video encoding, Apache

President of ACM Special Interest Group Security

Teaching security concepts to other students with an interest in security

Topics Covered:

Peer-to-peer protocols, Android OS development, Cipher analysis, Disassembly, Decompiling, Reverse engineering

ACM Special Interest Group Robotics

Placed thirty-fourth in Vex Robotics World Championships by constructing and coding two robots

Topics Covered:

Embedded systems, Artificial intelligence



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